Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting A Wee Bit Audacious With Greenwich

Meatball Spaghetti Supreme Meal
Php 99.00 or $ 2.24

When Greenwich comes to mind, my mind auto pilots towards their best sellers, dish staples that I'm sure a lot of people constantly order each and every time. On our last visit to Greenwich, I decided to steer clear of my staple orders and try something different, they do have expanded their menu to such a variety that seems worth trying.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Blogging Goals, Principles And Directions

The blogging world has been deeply shaken this week. If you don't know the incident I am referring to, kindly check and read HERE to catch up on all the ongoing brouhaha. 

This made me think about my blog. Which direction is my blog going into? Majority of my posts are really from personal dining experience although I do have entry where I was invited to sample a start-up restaurant's dishesI'll be truthful that in that one event, I wasn't obliged to pay and wasn't paid anything in return. There were no freebies given to me, well, except for the free food.

I was honest enough to disclose the details so as not to mislead the readers plus I did my best to be honest and point out a few points of improvements, but after reading Marketman's post about Ethics in Journalism and Food Journalism, I had a lot of thoughts to keep me thinking throughout tonight.

1. When invited for a food event, should I pay for what I consume at all times? What do you readers think and feel when you read a post and find out that I didn't pay, do you simply have no care about it or think I am a just another "eat and run" blogger?

2. Should I or should I not accept freebies, when available? I have no experience regarding this yet, but freebies might be equivalent to "bribe" to some people out there, additional things that might help the blogger write more positively about the event.

3. How would you feel if I accept sponsored posts in the future? Again, I would always disclose it but do sponsored posts affect my blog's credibility? Would you think ill of me and just stereotype me as one of those bloggers who would write glowing reviews for the sake of money? At the moment I have some potential sponsored posts in the works and right now I'm not so sure anymore on what to do.

I started food blogging in the first place because I just simply wanted to share all my good and even the not so good food discoveries. Along the way I realized it would be nice to attend events and try to monetize my blog, but now I'm skeptic. In your own opinion, which version of my blog would you read more, the one where all posts are just from personal dining experience or the one where a few sponsored posts and restaurant food tasting events are thrown in?

I know there's nothing wrong with trying to earn a few bucks while doing what you love, in this case blogging, but where do I draw the line? Help me out please?

Your pig out buddy,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brothers Burger Brunch

Brothers Chili Fries

The last time I went to Brothers Burger, I tried their pasta which wasn't really much of a good choice since of course, the place is known for their burgers. This time, I went for a burger, well ALMOST, but not quite. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fiery Bicol Express a la Chum

They say women are innately gifted in cooking, I digress. Truth be told, my BF Chum is a hundred times better cook than I am and maybe ever will. Sure I like eating and relishing our pig out sessions but that's for when we dine out. When we eat at home for casual lunch or dinner together, I rarely set foot in the kitchen Chum rarely lets me set foot in the kitchen, he only grants me access as far as chopping ingredients :P

I'm not complaining, in fact sometimes I quite like having nothing to do but wait and control myself as the wonderful smell of BF's cooking wafts through the air, case in point, his fiery Bicol Express.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get 3 Large Pizzas For Only Php 499.00 At Gourdo's Cafe

True to the spirit that I am definitely "on a pizza roll" here's another good news for pizza lovers out there! Buy 3 stone oven baked pizzas and you may choose any from Hawaiian, Margherita, Neapolitan, or Vegetarian flavors for only Php 499.00, and save as much as Php 326.00!

Monday, January 3, 2011

BFF Date at Pizza Hut Bistro

Olive Garden Salad
Php 159.00 or $ 3.64

A day before Batch goes back to Bicol, we decided to try the controversial Pizza Hut Lechon Pizza. This was the same week that I stayed at her apartment, Batch met up with a friend of hers that morning so I just followed after a few hours. I overslept, plus the traffic was horrendous from Makati to Mandaluyong, so when we caught up with each other, I was really famished not having to eat any breakfast yet for that day.

Pizza Hut Gives You The Ultimate Cheese Treat Promo!

From January 4, 2011 to January 10, 2011, avail of Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheese Pan Pizza for the discounted price of only Php 299.00, now that's really sulit from its original price of Php 435.00!

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