Friday, May 25, 2012

From 71kg To 58kg, Yes It's Possible

My sincerest apologies if I don't answer the food tasting invites, press releases, link exchanges and other food blog related emails since 2012 started, I guess my heart is not into food blogging anymore. I still do own this domain, so I think I'll update it once in a while when I feel like it, like now.

I have lost 13kg to date since I've started living healthier, I do still cheat once in a while but my weight never does fluctuate and for that I'm thankful. It's so wonderful to fit into Size M and even S clothes again, and feel better about yourself even if this blog's empty. Rather than have backlogs of posts and wear XL.

Actually, this post isn't anything close to food, it's in fact the result of staying away from it and controlling my portions. I better create a personal blog, see you there.

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