Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Spoonful of Heaven at Swensen's

Strawberry Chocolate Lava
 250.00 PHP or around  6.13 USD

 Hello world! I feel like I'm feeling a bit lost here. I've been on blogging hiatus since early 2012 and have updated this blog sporadically, with non food related posts mostly, but I just want to say that I'm back! When Swensen's invites me (an inactive and delinquent food blogger!), who am I to say no? So I said YES. :)

First up is their Strawberry Choco Lava. I love how the sweetness of the chocolate lava cake is complemented by the tartness of the fresh strawberry slices, strawberry syrup and strawberry ice cream! Try getting a little bit of everything on your spoon for that wonderful medley of flavor and texture.

 Strawberry Crepe
250.00 PHP or around 6.13 USD

Among the 2 desserts I tried, I fell in love with this one. What can I say? I am obviously a crepe fanatic! I didn't felt as guilty gobbling this up since there's banana and strawberry slices. The cold fudge was a revelation. It had that delicately sweet taste that leaves you sneaking for a few more spoonfuls.

I'd say one order of the Strawberry Chocolate Lava or Strawberry Crepe is good enough for two people already, so it would be nice to bring a date or a good friend to relish any of these desserts, just don't end up eating more than your share or you might end up having a bad date! I kid, I kid! If however, you are a certified sweet tooth then by all means, order one of each and no sharing allowed. :)

 Apologies for the rusty photography skills, I also think I might need a new camera soon, but hey one thing at a time right? Now that I am back, it doesn't mean I am willing to get fat and overweight again, things have changed and this time around, I will only blog if I have something new or interesting to share and not pig out because I have to blog. Moderation is the key!

I honestly might be tempted to swing by Swensen's in the future, specially since it's near my office. At first glance their offerings seem a little bit on the pricey side, but based on my experience, you really get what you pay for. See you on my next pig out sessions. :)


SM Mall of Asia (Ground Floor South Wing-Near SM Department Store)
Eastwood Mall (2nd Floor Veranda)
Estimated Budget: 200.00 PHP and above
Payment Methods: Cash, not sure if credit card is accepted
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Your pig out buddy,

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