Monday, March 18, 2013

Friday Night Pig Out at Watami

I was supposed to be blogging about Yabu House of Katsu today, but we were just so tired and grumpy last Friday night that after being in the waiting queue for around half an hour (or more), we gave up our reservation and made a bee line to Watami because we wanted our Japanese food fix and it wouldn't hurt to try some place new (at least to us!).

275.00 PHP or 6.76 USD

I initially wanted to order their okonomiyaki but changed my mind since the staff highly recommended that their tonpeiyaki is so much better. Their tonpeiyaki is really a feast for the eyes! I love how fluffy, creamy and rich the omelette tasted. The addition of pork, cheese and cabbage adds interesting textures and makes this dish a hit for me. I could have this sans the pork for breakfast! :)

 Salmon and Flying Fish Roe in Stone Pot
275.00 PHP or 6.76 USD

I love Salmon and I love fish roe, so when I found them together in one interesting dish, I just couldn't pass up the chance to try it right away. My friend and I ended up ordering the same dish, hahaha!

The presentation is very appealing. I spent about a few good minutes taking pictures from every possible angle before finally mixing my order and got the bottom part burnt, but who doesn't love tutong anyway? :) I'm telling you right now that the stone pot it comes in is extremely hot and if you're famished you wouldn't be able to eat this right away.

Sadly, this dish needs more flavor or an extra kick. We just requested for more of the sauce to pour and mix in the rice dish and added I added a hefty sprinkling of chili powder for more character.

Halfway through our meal, one of the staff approached us and politely inquired our verdict about our orders, so I was honest enough to tell them that the salmon dish could be improved. We also noticed that every table had a feedback card. I love it that Watami values customer comments so I do hope they improve the Salmon and Flying Fish Roe in Stone Pot dish soon, I think it has great possibilities. See you on my next pig out session. :)

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

SM Mall Of Asia 
Level 2, Entertainment Mall, 
North Veranda, SM Mall of Asia 

G/F, The New Glorietta Mall, 
Ayala Center, Makati City 


Estimated Budget: 200.00 PHP and above

Payment Methods:Cash/Credit Card

Business Hours:  
Monday - Thursday from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday - Sunday from 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Your pig out buddy,

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