Monday, March 11, 2013

The Salad Project

I have always loved eating my veggies (except bitter gourd) ever since I was a kid, and it's a good thing I still do, now that I'm an adult. Nowadays, people can easily fall and stick into the bad habit of unhealthy eating. I do know how hard it is to succumb to your hot fudge sundae craving, or your weekly milk tea fix, or a serving of those crisp golden fries or even letting your guard fall down for those sinful donuts you keep on seeing everyday on your way to work. I should know, I work near SM Mall of Asia. Imagine the temptations I fight everyday. *shudders*

These past weeks, I have fallen into the pattern of making different salad recipes for each day or every other day of the week. I just wanted to make sure that I'm eating something healthy everyday despite giving in to some of my unhealthy cravings every now and then. It's actually been fun experimenting! I've been Googling for other recipes and right now I'm excited to try making my own version of black bean salad and make my all time favorite, kani mango salad again!

Geez, I think I need more pretty plates for plating and blogging purposes, don't you agree? Haha, don't worry I'm on it! So, what have you guys been doing  and eating to keep healthy lately? If you have other scrumptious salad recipes please do share! Until the next pig out sessions!

Your pig out buddy,
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