Monday, April 22, 2013

Appetite Magazine x Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Present Gourmet Masterpieces: Food, Fashion & Art

Once in a while the universe hands you something that's bigger than what you expected and you can only wonder and marvel how in the world did it happen, that's the very same feeling I got when I got invited to the Gourmet Masterpieces event. I was very intimidated to say the least, though I'm not the one to pass up from something that sounds exciting as this, and right now I'm pretty glad I grabbed the opportunity. 

Each painting recreated wonderfully through gourmet dishes by participating restaurants/companies and couture gowns and dresses made by renowned designers. Can it get better than that? :)

Greek Nachos by Robby Goco from Cyma, inspired by a Greece themed painting. Kindly forgive me if I took focus more on the food part, this is my blog's niche after all. :P

C2 Mango vita drink by Cravings/ CCA, inspired by a bright floral painting by Bunny Griffeth. This summer themed drink is a combination of ripe mango, cucumber and carrots. I actually wish I had a glass in hand right now!

Nacho Keema by The Kebab Factory. A wonderful medley of chicken keema, garnished with onions, tomatoes, green chilis and cilantro. 

Almond fish gelatin by King Chef, inspired by a painting of a school of koi swimming in a lotus pond. This interpretation is literally, literal but it's just too cute for words! I went back to this several times just to stare at it.

Yummy Philippine flag interpretation from Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. The Philippine flag really came into life vibrantly, with the combination of our local desserts, maja blanca, puto and pastillas. I was able to nibble on the blue pastillas and it was pretty addicting!

Impression Foie Gras from Impressions. Inspired by the cheerful greens and yellows and a spring landscape painting, this was the best dish of the night in terms of spot on interpretation. Made of braised veal sweet bread, topped with pan fried duck liver and risotto with parsley cream sauce. I had several helpings of this little babies just because it was so melt in your mouth fantastic! 

Country Fried Chicken Steak from Murray's New Orleans, inspired by the stark reds and yellows of Cabojo's streetscape. I wasn't able to sample this but from the looks of it, this is my kind of comfort food on a really rough and long day.

Give me S'mores from J.Cuppacakes, inspired by a heartwarming painting of a loving mother breast feeding her child. I had a sampler of this  and I must say that the delectable combination of chocolate almond brownie and burnt marshmallow frosting is superb.

Crisostomo brings Van Gogh's Picasso painting into life with  their Halo-Halo interpretation. This pinoy favorite  is made even more special with ube halaya, kaong, macapuno, gulaman, korn kernels, sweetened bananas and many more special ingredients, generously topped with grated cheese for that perfect contrast of salty and sweet.

Cancun Margarita from Agave Mexican Cantina. Perfect for a poolside drink or for frolicking in the beaches. My friend Yumi, tried this and though it looks pretty innocent it can pack quite a punch. :)

Double Decker Cake. inspired by a tattoo design by Chef Micheal Lopez of Cafe Maxims. Expect a wonderful symphony of soft, and crunchy textures with each bite, I wished I had more of these!

Red Crab's Gambas Ala Remedios inspired by Ang Kiukok's Fisherman with Catch. A plateful of minced shrimps, gambas, garlic, onions, bell peppers rightly seasoned with oyster sauce, tomato sauce and sweet chili sauce. Can it get more mouth-watering than that?

Deep Fried Lapu Lapu Xi Yan style dish from Passion, inspired by a Yin Yang fish painting.

A bird's eye view of The Plaza in Newport Mall, post event. It was really an unusual night for me, but so much fun nevertheless. Can I tell you a little secret? Until now I'm still having foie gras filled dreams! See you on my next pig out session! :)

Your pig out buddy, 

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