Monday, April 1, 2013

The Salad Project: Kani Mango Salad + Black Bean Salad

Me and Japanese cuisine, it's a love story that has been going on and going strong for years, but ever since I have been opting for healthier food choices, it's a given that I can't go on my usual sushi roll *sobs*. I could easily go on a sushi detox, but to stay away from kani mango salad? That's a different story.
I lessen the amount of Japanese mayo I squirt into my salad each time I make a serving, I mean it would defy the whole purpose of eating a salad in the first place, but hey I'm just human! Japanese mayo happens to be my kryptonite. I use it anywhere and everywhere specially when I used to be overweight. Don't worry, I've learn to control my intake now. *pats self on the back*

What a funny looking salad, wouldn't you agree? It's called Black Bean Salad. I got the recipe from Simply Recipes and it turned out to be pretty much addicting that I gobbled up a big tub of this within 2-3 days. *Please don't judge me*

It's been quite enjoyable experimenting and trying out new recipes, even if I confine myself to the salad section at the moment. Do you have some tried and tested salad recipes you'd like to share? I would love to try them out! See you on my next pig out session! :)

Your pig out buddy,
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