Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feeling Tipsy or Staying Sober? Have it Your Way at Tipsy Beans!

I remember it was just early this year that my office mate and good friend, Sybil mentioned to me that she and her husband were planning to put up a coffee shop together with a few friends and their in-laws. No, this isn't your typical, generic and around the corner coffee shop. The main idea of Tipsy Beans can be summarized in two options: Tipsy or Sober? I was intrigued by the concept that I  committed to myself that I'd try dining there once it opened.

A few moths later, Tipsy Beans was born. I wasn't able to make it on their opening day so Yumi and I went on a special trip a few Fridays ago and had a dinner date with Sybs.

I felt right at home. The coffee shop has fun and quirky designs that makes for great conversation pieces among your friends or date *wink wink*.

On the table:

Breakfast Cup 95.00PHP or 2.20USD with Potato Nuggets add-on  20.00PHP or 0.46USD. My sandwich order. Actually I had a hard time choosing and stalled for a bit, it was a tough choice between this and their Delectable Sisig Triangles which sounded enticing but it would obviously too gluttonous of me to order both. *fat kid inside moment*

I knew I made the right choice when I saw my Breakfast Cup. It was a sunshine in a cup! I love the contrast of textures from the crunchy toasted bread that cradled the delish bacon, runny egg and extra cheese that makes each bite a wonderful harmony of flavors. I totally imagine myself slowly enjoying this on laid back weekend mornings, while watching the sun rise or leafing through my favorite book.

Their potato nuggets were totally addicting! I love how the outside was perfectly crunchy and the inside wasn't dry. I paired it with a few drizzles of tomato catsup but they also have hot sauce if you like to live on the edge.

Good Ol' Chicken Pesto Sandwich 95.00PHP or 2.20USD. This was Yumi's order, I wasn't able to try it but by the looks of it you really get a lot for your money! I also remember Yumi commenting that the pesto didn't overpower the sandwich.

Fun fact, Tipsy Beans makes their own home made pesto! So you're assured that you get it fresh every time.

Classic Spaghetti 108.00PHP or 2.50USD. Yumi's order from their Sober Pasta selection. Tipsy Beans uses ground chicken for this dish so it was definitely a winner in Yumi's book who was abstaining from beef and pork.

Gin Margherita Penne 128.00PHP or 2.96USD. This is one of their Tipsy Pasta offerings, I cannot drink liquor to save my life and have very, very, very low alcohol tolerance but I just couldn't pass up the chance to try this. 

This became an instant favorite of mine, I love the hints of savory and subtle sweet flavors with each bite of my pasta. No, I didn't got tipsy after eating this, the alcoholic content was reduced when this was cooked, allowing me a non-drinker to enjoy the fusion of flavors while still staying sober.

Drunken Hungarian Sausage & Mushroom 128.00PHP or 2.96USD. Sybil's choice for the night, this is also a part of the the Tipsy Pasta offerings. Reminiscent to carbonara but made more interesting with the infusion of white wine and whiskey.

Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks 80.00PHP or 1.85USD. Sybil asked me if I drink and of course I said no *Yes, I am boring at parties* but I wasn't fazed when she gave Yumi and I sampler cups of one of their best-selling Tipsy drinks.

Yes, I finally felt a wee bit Tipsy with one little cup, haha but I wouldn't stop sipping until I finish my cup. It tasted similar to the only drink I can enjoy in moderation, Mudshake which I haven't had in awhile so this drink gave me my happy buzz for the evening.

Bacon milkshake 95.00PHP or 2.20USD. Is it getting obvious that I love bacon? Bacon in my sandwich and now bacon in my drink? Yes, you read it right. One of their Sober drinks but just because it's Sober doesn't mean it's boring! Get ready for the awesome combination of salty in sweet in each sip, plus their serving is so generous you could actually share this with a friend.

Shark Infested Lemonade 55.00PHP or 1.27USD. Yumi's poison for the night made more fun served in mason jar and literally infested with a gummy shark! Like a cherry on top of a sundae, Yumi saved the shark for last. 

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Mint Brownie 45.00PHP or 1.04USD. This brownie changed my whole life's perspective on mint. You see, I normally dislike mint in chocolate as it overpowers everything else but when I took a bite of my dessert, I felt like a changed person.

The marriage of the chewy dark chocolate brownie and refreshing mint was spot on. Truth be told, Yumi sneaked several forkfuls of this because it was that freaking yummy.

Blueberry Cheesecake 45.00PHP or 1.04USD. Yumi's dessert for the night, the girl loves her cheesecake. Melt in your mouth goodness with every bite.

The desserts were actually baked by the girl friend of Sybil's brother-in-law, all I can say is wow! You can actually order half dozen or one dozen of their many dessert offerings. I'm tempted to place a half dozen order for their Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie with Mint, I'm just looking for a valid excuse why otherwise I'll eat it all by myself. 

We still have to try their other Tipsy and Sober offerings and we have put a standing lunch or dinner date in the near future. These days, you would think you've seen and tried everything but I'm happy to admit that Tipsy Beans did not fail to surprise and excite me. Now, that is one effective way to keep your customers coming back for more! See you on my next pig out session. :)

Tipsy Beans Coffee Shop

#50 Doming M. Guevara, Highway Hills
Mandaluyong, Philippines 
Facebook:  Tipsy Beans
Estimated Budget: 100.00PHP and up
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00AM to 12:00MN

Your pig out buddy,

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