Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Instagram Roundup

I've been on a blogging funk lately, hence the lack of posts. I do have a legit excuse, I've been catching up on my sketching skills and it feels awesome. I feel bad though because reading, gaming, and blogging have been put in the backseat for the meantime. Fret not, I hope my Instagram roundup post will suffice at the moment. First off, Pizza Hut's Veggie Supreme Pizza (Stuffed Crust) with extra beef toppings!

Poco Deli's Red Velvet Cake. Sweetness level is spot on, try it out at Ayala Triangle!

Home Made Kani Mango Salad. My usual go-to food at home, I make this all the time that it's become a no-brainer for me. I love sprinkling mine with hefty amounts of grated Parmesan cheese, because why not?

For lazy mornings, I reach out for the ever reliable box of cereal and skim milk. I absolutely love Post Great Grains Cereal selection, sometimes I add in fruits too!

Last but not the least, Tom and an evil minion fighting over a Toblerone bar that's almost as long and big as my arm! I'm still trying to get all minions, I currently have only 3 so I still have a long way to go. Are you collecting minions as well? See you on my next pig out session! :)

Your pig out buddy,

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