Friday, October 11, 2013

Flavors of Naga: My First Taste of Kinalas

Before I left for Naga, I pestered asked my officemate Joey to give me the ultimate list of must-try Naga specialties. He mentioned Laing Pizza, Toasted Siopao to name a few but what caught my attention the most was Kinalas. I couldn't imagine what it was like and that made me want to try it all the more.

Kinalas 25.00PHP or 0.58USD. Joey said that Kinalas stores were aplenty but I have to try the ones along Dayangdang, luckily for me Batch lived in the area and most Kinalas stores were literally just a stone's throw away. 

The weather in Naga that day was scorching hot and yet when we went inside the nearest Kinalas store, it was almost packed. That was a good omen for me. I didn't do any Google research so in the back of my mind, I assumed it might be a variety of congee. Please forgive me :P

Service was pretty fast and I was served with my steaming, hot bowl of Kinalas. I could already tell it wasn't your ordinary noodle soup. Rich broth enhanced further by the brown paste (that you have to mix in) poured over firm noodles and topped with scallions, garlic, and pulled apart chicken meat. It definitely was not your typical mami.

Batch said that the Kinalas toppings vary from each carinderia but I wasn't able to try any other version after this. I can always go back next year and search for the best Kinalas Naga has to offer. See you on my next pig out session! :)

Your pig out buddy,
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