Friday, October 4, 2013

Flavors of Naga: Quick Lunch at Geewan

Though I blog about food, there are still certain dishes I'd dare not try like goat meat or anything exotic sounding. Yes I know, I'm a bore! BUT during my recent working vacation in Naga, I surprised myself. I ATE A SHARK!

Kinunot 69.00PHP or 1.60USD. Like the Bicol Express and Pinangat, Kinunot is one of the widely known, signature Bicolano dishes. Kinunot is a spicy dish that is usually made with stingray, shark or crab meat that's cooked in coconut cream, malunggay leaves and chili.

I say it's not bad at all! It was just mildly spicy and creamy, perfectly paired with my cup of steaming, white rice.

Lechon Paksiw 132.00PHP or 3.06USD. Batch ordered this viand, I'm not really fond of lechon paksiw so I only took a little from her plate. 

Fresh Lumpia 65.00PHP or 1.51USD. We were deciding between this or their Pinangat, but since I've already tried the latter it really didn't matter to me. I can't help but compare their Fresh Lumpia with the commercialized Goldilocks' version. Geewan's version has a thicker wrapper and they didn't skimp on the veggies!

Dinuguan with Puto (Pork Blood Stew with rice cake) 75.00PHP or 1.76USD. Batch mentioned that their rice cakes were heavenly so obviously, I was intrigued. She was right, and might I add their very addicting.

I happily nibbled on my rice cake generously smothered with dinuguan and alternately ate spoonfuls of rice also smothered with their thick and hearty dinuguan. Yes, I threw my diet out of the window and pigged out to my heart's content. >.<

It was a working vacation day for me so we didn't stay that long in Geewan, plus the place became packed as soon as the clock hit 12 noon. I could tell why! From their delectable dishes, affordable pricing and up to their efficient service it's no wonder that Geewan has been the go to place of many Bicolanos. I would have liked to try more of their food but I guess I can always go back. See you on my next pig out session! :)


P. Burgos St. Sta. Cruz, Naga City
(054) 472 3888
Facebook: Geewan
Estimated Budget: 100.00PHP and above
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: Daily

Your pig out buddy,

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