Saturday, March 22, 2014

Three Course Dinner at Grilla Bar and Grill

Grilla Bar and Grill recently invited me to taste their newest offerings of Filipino dishes inspired by various popular, local delicacies in our country's many provinces. I usually forego anything pinoy when dining out to break the monotony, but Grilla's latest offerings have had me hook, line and sinker.


Tofu and Sigarilyas Sisig 145.00PHP or 3.20USD. I was delighted when I learned that this was part of the menu, I'm a big fan of sigarilyas, you see. I'm also an even bigger fan of good sisig, so I was very contented with this tasty and slightly healthier take on sisig.

Chicharong Cebu 160.00PHP or 3.53USD. It was love at first bite! Usually, chicharon is hard for me to eat due to my orthodontic braces, but this dish solved all of my problems. Thin sheets of flavor loaded chicharon that's undeniably crunchy. It's good on it's own, but it's even better dipped in vinegar!

Pork BBQ and Salted Egg Triangles 185.00PHP or 4.08USD. Unorthodox pairing and presentation, but trust me that it really works!


Inihaw na Manok na Sinampalukan 225.00PHP or 4.97USD. One of my several pet peeves  is trying any sinampalukan or sinigang dish that falls way too short of my expectations. I like my soup very, very sour with semi-cooked veggies aplenty and loaded with tender meat or seafood. I'm happy to say that Grilla knows how to make a damn good sinampalukan!


Lechon Liempo a la Cebu 850.00PHP or 18.77USD. I love lechon liempo primarily because of the crunchy skin, but the meat is a different story since it's usually lacking in flavor. Good thing that this dish's meat is more on the savory, salty side like how the Cebuanos always make it. 

Beef Kansi 345.00PHP or 7.62USD. A cross between bulalo and sinigang,  I consider this one of the highlights of my dinner. Thoroughly tender and flaky beef that's been boiled for around 4-6 hours, enveloped in kamias based sour soup with a touch of herbs for that added flavor. 

Inadobong Tilapia sa Gata at Sili 225.00PHP or 4.97USD. Fried tilapia resting on a bed of rich coconut milk based sauce. This was just okay, I couldn't detect a hint of spiciness at all.

Poqui Poqui 145.00PHP or 3.20USD. My heart holds a special place for eggplant based dishes and Grilla's poqui poqui has earned a spot. Chargrilled eggplant that's been peeled and cooked with beaten eggs and tomatoes.

Ilocos Dinuydoy 135.00PHP or 2.98USD. Disintegrated squash cooked with shrimp, served with bitter gourd to cut through the squash's sweetness. Grilla takes it up a notch higher by serving it with bagnet. Another instant favorite of mine!

Grill-A-Palayok 695.00PHP or 15.35USD. Just when I thought that I can't take another bite, the staff comes out with this. It was truly a sight to see, with the steaming clay pot teeming with fresh seafood (shrimp, fish, clams, mussels) and meat (beef strips, pork strips)! 

I was instructed to take whatever seafood or meat I like, pour in some pork-lemongrass broth and top it off with my choice of seasoning (nilasing na mangga, grilled eggplant, sinamat) .I had a hard time choosing so I got a little bit of everything, because I can :) 

Halo-Halo Spring Rolls 135.00PHP or 2.98USD. What a sweet way to end my night and make me reassess and rekindle my love for Filipino cuisine.

I would like to laud Chef Redd Agustin and all the people behind Grilla Bar and Grill for the delightful and top notch dinner. I need not go as far as Ilocos or Cebu for my Filipino food fix, when there's Grilla around the corner. See you on my next pig out session!

Grilla Bar and Grill

Don Antonio Dr
Commonwealth, Quezon City
(02) 951-3588

8491 Kalayaan Ave.
Poblacion, Makati
(02) 899-8775

Sumulong Highway
Antipolo, Rizal
(02) 396-1171

Lot 6 Blk 13 E Rodriguez Jr Ave
Libis, Quezon City
(02) 632-9691

G/F Promenade Bldg
Greenhills, San Juan
(02) 726-6200

Forum Robinsons
Forum Robinsons, Pioneer Ave
Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong
(02) 687-5258
Estimated Budget: ~200.00PHP and above/dish
Payment Methods: Cash/ Credit Card
Business Hours: N/A but they do stay open very late from my observation

Your pig out buddy,

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