Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rogue Magazine: The Appetite Issue!

Rogue Magazine has always been a notch above the competition in my book. They know what they're doing when they go beyond the superficial, recycled and old subjects which let's agree, we have seen all too many times already. For the month of May, Rogue becomes twice as exciting as they present the most food loaded, epicurean issue there ever was. Let's get started shall we?

The Agenda. Just like how we wonder if a barber cuts his own hair, we also have been curious to know if restaurant staff enjoy lavish meals like what they offer to their patrons. Rogue has finally unveiled the golden opportunity with an exclusive peak inside world class restaurant's staff meals and what intimate moments are shared from the head chef to their second family beyond operating hours. All that and more, at The Agenda pages.

Breaking the Fast. Rogue partnered with world-renowned photographer, Mr.  Neil Oshima and Ms. Isabel Roces. The end result is an issue that is undoubtedly a feast to the eyes. 

Manila EatsThere are so many great sections that this magazine offers, I'm practically hanging on to every word at every page. Know the best of the best from pizza, longganisa, cookies, dim sum, coffee, sisig, loaded fries, monstrous burgers to the best chicken and waffles in town, plus so much more. Your picky palate and tummy will thank you when you finally know the creme of the crop!

Gaining Momentum. Get life inspiration from Rogue's in depth interview with the trio of young, business geniuses who were the minds behind Burger Bar, 'Cue, Namnam, 8 Cuts, Phat Pho plus more restaurants on queue.

Space. Where desirability meet functionality, get the dibs on where the most marvelously designed kitchen gadgets, tools and utensils can be found.

The Eye. Where gory animal carcasses meet the chic and fashionable done in the most tasteful fashion, of course.

The Slant. Power packed, foodie centric articles that will prove worth your time of day. One article that comes close to home would be the The Perils of Eating Seriously. You have to read it to find out why.

Hey, what are you doing there still reading this blog? Go outside and grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever your go-to drink is and find a perfectly quite, nice spot. If you haven't had a good read in a while, then this should be what you are reading! From a certified bookworm and foodie, you can take my word for it. See you on my next pig out session!

Disclaimer: Author was forwarded the May issue by Rogue Philippines. No form of compensation was received, all thoughts and opinions stated are the author's own.

Your pig out buddy,

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