Friday, September 5, 2014

Aria Cucina Italiana at Station 2, Boracay Island

Boracay is teeming with restaurants that it does come to a point of being overwhelmed when deciding where your next meal will be. It can get confusing and even frustrating, specially when your tummies are grumbling from the short but tiring trip to get to the island or coming from an afternoon loaded with activities. Beach front restaurants hold a major advantage  in this category, and one such restaurant is Aria Cucina Italiana.
Fritto Di Calamari Con Maionese Elle Erbe 370.00PHP or 8.49USD. Their serving portions are good for sharing and this deep fried calamares is no exception. Lightly battered and fried just right to achieve that crunch you are looking for with each piece.

Salad Niciose 385.00PHP or 8.84USD. A Mediterranean salad made with lettuce, bell peppers, tuna, green beans and egg. I love it how the kitchen didn't skimp on the dressing at all. 

Insalata Di Pomodoro 270.00PHP or 6.20USD. Napolitean style tomato salad flavored with garlic and oregano. One of my companions ordered this, thinking it had greens with it. Much to her surprise it was literally a tomato salad, only. She liked the dressing, but I think 270.00PHP is too much for a salad like this, don't you think?

Carbonara Pasta 360.00PHP or 8.26USD. Pasta enveloped in an egg yolk cream sauce with parmesan cheese and crispy bacon bits. Wasn't able to try this, but it sure does look inviting.

Marinara Pasta 450.00PHP or 10.33USD. Loaded with seafood but the sauce wasn't flavorful as is. Good thing it was nothing that a few sprinkles of salt and pepper couldn't fix. Maybe we should have ordered the selection from the Chef's Suggestion instead?

Everything that we ordered came in big plates and are definitely recommended for sharing, that is if you want to. Service was quick even though the place was packed for dinner. The wait staff may have also remembered us, as we asked for never ending water refills hahaha. See you on my next pig out session!

Aria Cucina Italiana 

Beachfront, D'Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan
(036) 288 5573
Estimated Budget: 300.00PHP and above 
Payment Methods: Cash, Visa, Mastercard

Business Hours: 11:00AM to 12:00MN Daily

Your pig out buddy,

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