Thursday, January 1, 2015

Healthy Office Lunches Made Possible by Salad Mamas!

As we bid #NoDietDecember adieu, the consequences of our binge eating and cheat "month" comes crawling up our hips and thighs. It's the ugly truth, and it shows when we walk and feel our legs jiggling together or when we smile and our face transforms into a perfect full moon. It's so easy to get carried away with the convenience of fast-food since it's too accessible, sometimes cheaper and requires less effort on our part. Unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle can make one ugly aftermath, I tell you. That's why I'm so glad that I've found a way to watch my diet yet still enjoy my meals with @SaladMamas.

Chicken Caesar Salad 120.00PHP or 2.68USD. All their salad varieties are reasonably priced at 120 each, and already comes packaged in ready to go containers that you can recycle for later use. This is one of my default orders, as I am in awe how they keep the chicken subtly tasty and juicy. What I love about their salads is that it's packed and they don't scrimp on the dressing. Hurray!

Tinapa, Kesong Puti and Salted Egg Salad 120.00PHP or 2.68USD. Not to be outdone by their caesar salad, their take on this quirky salad variety completely stole my heart. If I may say, it's a very patriotic tribute to your local food and executed very beautifully. I fell in love with this salad more so because of the zesty-sweet and sinfully addicting calamansi-oilive oil dressing. It's pure genius.

Beef Taco Salad 120.00PHP or 2.68USD. Whenever I'm feeling festive, I order this salad in advance. The added crunch brought about by taco bits are a much welcome addition that brings this salad a notch above the rest of the selection. Did I say that it's very cheesy too?

Kani Mango Salad 120.00PHP or 2.68USD. If you know me very well, you'll know that I gravitate to anything Japanese, food included.That's why I simply can't pass up the chance to try their Japanese themed salad. I know mangoes are out of season, but their mangoes are undeniably sweet, thumbs up for quality!

Of course the bananas, books, phones and other thingamajigs are not included in my purchase and were just used for props, but seriously @SaladMamas has saved me countless of times last December when I was swamped with a mountain of workload. Had it not been for the tasty and healthy salads, I would have relied on fast-food take aways or even instant noodles. I shudder at the thought! Now that the holiday vacation is about to come to its end, I'm definitely keeping up with eating my veggies. See you on my next pig out session!

Salad Mamas

Location: Varsity Hills, Loyola Heights Quezon City
Twitter and Instagram: @saladmamas
Email Address:
Estimated Budget: ~P120.00/ salad
Payment Methods: Cash
Business Hours: Daily deliveries, you may contact them directly for more information!

Your pig out buddy,

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