Thursday, February 5, 2015

When in Ilocos: Street Food Galore!

No matter how much I try to educate my palate and dine in fancy schmansy restaurants, my taste buds will still always fall head over heels in love with anything street food. Believe it or not, I have simple pleasures too! So, the trapped kid inside me was ecstatic at the extensive food tripping my friends and I did while touring Ilocos.

Dirty Ice Cream 20.00PHP or 0.45USD. A towering beauty of mango, buko, and chocolate flavored ice cream cradled perfectly by the crunchy and sweet cone. It's best enjoyed while touring Calle Crisologo on a bright, sunny day. This brings back many happy childhood memories!

Buttered and Salted Corn on the Cob 25.00PHP or 0.57USD. Corn is one of my go-to comfort food, it's so cheap and easy to prepare, and if I'm feeling lazy I can always buy one! It's a hit or miss thing for me though, some corn I've had are utterly tasteless. That's why I was appeased immediately on my first bite, because I have not had decent, yummy corn on the cob in such a long time. I was even tempted to buy raw ears of corn from the vendor to take home, hahaha!

Vigan Empanada 50.00PHP or 1.13USD. I've had similar empanada in Manila, but I think what sets authentic Vigan empanada from its other copycats is that they cook it just enough to make the egg still runny. It's indeed one hell of a mess to eat and there's always the possibility to scald one's tongue, but the heady combination of ingredients just melded together beautifully to make for one hit snack all over the Ilocos region.

I do think now that maybe we should have tried more street food, specifically those that Ilocos is known for, but with all the gorging we've been doing we were all always bursting to the seams. Do you have other street food recommendations you think I should have tried? Do let me know! See you on my next pig out session.

Your pig out buddy,

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