Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rogue's 2015 Appetite Issue is a Certified Gastronomic Read!

True to tradition, the good people behind Rogue magazine has dropped another cherry on top of their annual Appetite issues. Nowadays, with all the available information easily accessible from local to international food blogs and websites, you'd think you've read and know all there is about food related news, and everything just seems like a piece of old and recycled bit, but you just might be wrong. I knew I was.

What has kept me captivated aside from the refreshing take on food related topics and blurbs is the fluid, striking and flawlessly composed food photography style by Neil Oshima. Maaaaaan, how I wish I was that good! Whoever could make animal carcass look great on paper is sheer genius. I know I am light years away from his keen eye and mad skills, but I can just keep on dreaming until then, can't I?

Rogue has also teamed up with several of the fastest growing food establishments throughout the Metro to create Rogue inspired dishes that will definitely leave customers elephantly sufficed, yet still craving for more. From 8 Cuts Burger Blends' Rogue Pighead burger, Bucky's Counter with their spiked and zesty Rogue Bucky dessert, to Hole in the Wall's sinful and delectable Rogue Cookie and more! Oh my, my mouth cannot help but water at the thought of all these temptations.

These are just among the numerous reasons why Rogue has got their Appetite Issue game going strong, they think outside the confines of the box and outdo themselves year after year. Whether you are a certified foodie, a photography enthusiast, a lover of good and long reads or probably a combination of all like me, then the Appetite issue has something for you. Thanks to my friends at Rogue for personally delivering a copy for my humble blog, I'm already looking forward to next year's packed issue. Until then, see you on my pig out session!

Your pig out buddy,

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