Friday, May 1, 2015

Team Lunch Out at Red Cloud GastroPub

All work and no play can make anyone go grumpy and crazy in a matter of days. That's why with some devious planning and prodding, the team and I braved the heat and had a somewhat impromptu lunch out.

Wasted Dory 190.00PHP or 4.26USD. Beer-battered fish fillet, served with mash potato or rice. I must say, the price tag is justified by the hefty serving portions!

Southern Chicken 170.00PHP or 3.81USD. Utterly crisp, surprisingly juicy and extremely flavorful southern-style fried chicken, served with mash potatoes or rice. This was my order and I knew that I didn't go wrong on this one. It's my certified kind of comfort food.

Truth be told, I was eyeing their grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, but alas it was not available. Well, I guess that's a good enough excuse to find my way back to Red Cloud soon.

The Smotherload 140.00PHP or 3.14USD. French fries drizzled smothered with Red Cloud's own cheese and enticing bacon bits. Well-seasoned fries are complemented well by the subtlety of the cheese. This was served earlier than the rest of the orders, and this was passed around the table for sharing. Also, I'm beginning to love the word play of their menu!

True Bleu Cheeseburger 250.00PHP or 5.61USD. One of the misses of our dining experience, as my friend couldn't detect a hint of bleu cheese anywhere in her burger.

Hail Caesar! Salad 170.00PHP or 3.81USD. #HealthyKunwari, an additional order shared by some of my team mates, maybe to give contrast and balance with all the carbs and sinful food. One thing I like is that Red Cloud doesn't scrimp on the serving portions, without sacrificing the taste.

Spam Sisig 230.00PHP or 5.16USD. This was raved about by one of our office mates who dined here before us, sadly I couldn't quite agree with this dish. It makes for a nice pulutan dish though!

Red Carbonara 250.00PHP or 5.61USD. Spicy tuna carbonara served with crisp bacon on the side. Bordering on the pricier side, their pasta offering is good enough to feed 2 - 3 hungry diners. Not for the faint of heart, they do mean serious business when they say "spicy". Nevertheless, the spice level is on the right level, just enough to whet your appetite and make you crave for more.

Food aside, the serving time could be a improved and optimized for an overall enjoyable dining experience. For now, it maybe best to dine here when you want to chill and aren't in any state of hurry. Being a GastroPub, they also serve an extensive array of beer, cocktails and alcohol based drinks, which we skipped lest we be caught tipsy in the office! See you on my next pig out session :)

Red Cloud GastroPub

Location: G/F Cyberscape Alpha Bldg, Sapphire Road, San Antonio, Pasig
Contact Number: 0915 770 3664
Estimated Budget: ~150.00PHP and above per meal
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Card
Business Hours: Daily

Your pig out buddy,

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