Friday, July 24, 2015

DONUT Miss These New Treats from J.Co Philippines!

I was having such a lousy and stressful day a few weeks ago,  but the universe made it up to me when midway through a lengthy work related phone call, I was handed a package from my favorite donut company. I guess J.Co really knows the depths of my sugar loving heart!

Tease, tickle and titillate your taste buds with J.Co's winning combination of tropical goodies. I personally love anything smothered with lotsa coconuts. I take delight with our simple pan de coco, so imagine my delight  when I was able to get my hands on their newest donut variety, playfully named as Dazzling Queen. Oozing with berry-coconut cream, this strawberry-chocolate donut just couldn't get any more tropical by generously topping it with desiccated coconut flakes.

I know it's gotten a bit chilly with bouts of rainy days in the past weeks, but you can still extend your summer fever and cool off with J.Co's Coconut Mocha Frappe. With a playful and explosive combination off J.Co coffee, chocolate, ice coconut blend and addicting coconut jellies, it takes you back to the beach and fun memories of your summer vacation anywhere you are.

To reward myself and the team, I bought some boxes to the office. Parties are fun, but donut parties are on a whole different level! Needless to say, 2 dozen worth of donuts were wiped out in a matter of minutes with almost everyone asking for seconds. It's no secret that J.Co has been my go-to donut store, with their alcapone, coco loco and green tease as my staple orders, but right now it looks like I've got more tropically related reasons to keep coming back for more. See you on my next pig out session!

Note: Author was provided vouchers from J.Co Philippines. No monetary compensation was received, the article is and as always will be, based on the author's personal experience, preference and honest feedback.

Your pig out buddy,

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