Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lunch at Cafè Mary Grace, Rockwell Business Center Pasig

Inviting. Cozy. Those are just some of the exact words that can perfectly describe the warm interiors of the place. Cafe Mary Grace has been around, and for the life me, I just can't recall how come it took me so long to finally try it out. Better late than never, right?

Tomato and Herb Plate 395.00PHP or 8.58USD. A medley of grilled chicken & orange salad with black olive dressing, fresh herb and tomato pasta with a side of garlic toast and a serving of their cake of the day. If you want bang for your buck, then their perfect plates are ideal for you. I had their chorizo plate, but only now do I realize that I forgot to take a photo of it! #tandersproblems

Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs 232.00PHP or 5.04USD. Reminiscent to mom's cooking, this will open up memories of home and of simpler, happier times. It's the perfect definition of comfort food.

Smoked Salmon and Cream Pasta 290.00PHP or 6.48USD. This dish is plenty enough for sharing, but for salmon lovers, it's whole different ball game. You know too much carbs is bad for you, but how can you say no to salmon?

Classic Carbonara 260.00PHP or 5.65USD. Loaded with bacon strips, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Creamy, but not to the point of umay, this is definitely on of Cafè Mary Grace's hits.

Squash Soup 136.00PHP or 2.96USD. I know we don't have fall season in this tropical country, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a hearty and comforting serving of pumpkin soup every now and then, right?

Chocolate Cake. This was their cake of the day that cam with an order of any perfect plate variety. Dense, moist and aptly sweet. It was a perfect palate cleanser and sweet way to end our meal.

Mango Bene Cake 130.00PHP or 2.83USD. Of course, we couldn't just settle for 1 dessert, so we tried two! I fell in love with their generous portion, can you see all those mango slices?! I usually stick with top view/ flat lay shots now, but it just didn't give justice to this thing of unadulterated beauty. And yes, it was even yummier than it looked. 

Our lunch was barely the top of the iceberg, as I'm sure there are still a lot more Cafè Mary Grace has to offer. What are your CMG's staples? See you on my next pig out sessions!

Cafè Mary Grace

Café Mary Grace
G/F Rockwell Business Center, Tower 2, Ortigas Ave
Ugong, Pasig
(02) 470-3712

For a list of other brances, click here
Estimated Budget: 200.00PHP and up
Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Card
Business Hours: Monday to Sunday, may vary per branch

Your pig out buddy,

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