Monday, June 20, 2016

Tea-rrific Blends from Bayani Brew #TheBrewCrew

Living in a tropical country is both a blessing and a curse. While I don't have to deal with layers and layers of winter gear, I do have to unwillingly go through my day-to-day activities as if I'm living in one huge sauna. Dehydration is really a big risk, specially now that I've been cutting my expenses and "trying" to commute to and from work, instead of relying on Uber. So, what better way to hydrate than with these quirky and fun flavors from Bayani Brew?

In the interest of full disclosure, the good guys over at Bayani Brew sent a few bottles for me to try. What makes their products stand out above the rest, is the effort they have put into their brand. See, when you buy a bottle (or two, or three) of Bayani Brew, you are also helping with the livelihood of humble farming communities. It's always a win-win situation. Well then, without further ado...let me introduce you to Bayani Brew's products~

Kick-Ass Lemongrass. "Brewed from organically-grown lemongrass and pandan, sweetened with raw brown sugar and a hint of calamansi, this flavor has a refreshingly light zest. The subtly floral fragrance and greenish hue of pandan leaves lend a distinct earthiness to our classic brew, while the citrusy aroma and revitalizing qualities of lemongrass help relieve and rejuvenate."

MAD About Brew. "Artiseasonal variant: Get M.A.D. Brewed from all-natural Moringa, Alagaw and Dalanghita. Tagged the "wonder leaf" for way too many reasons, moringa oliefera is rich in antioxidants and perfect for lactating moms! On the other hand, "alagaw" (premna odorata), the 'no-one's-ever-heard-this' leaf before and 'we-swear-we-didn't-make-this-up' leaf actually aids in phlegm decongestion and ehem, flatulence. Capped with the citrus zing of our native midget orange, dalanghita, there's no reason why you shouldn't get MAD now (except for when dalanghita is out of season, sorry about that)"

Camotea Commotion. "Brewed from fresh purple leaves of sweet potatoes, with zesty lemongrass, and the natural sweetness of raw brown sugar and calamansi extract. Not the most glamorous of crops, purple leaves of sweet potatoes AKA the fancy schmancy term for "talbos ng camote," grow a lot like weeds. However, from those leaves come the brew's rich reddish hue, an anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory compound know as polyphenol."

Of the three flavor variants, I've found myself reaching for MAD About Brew more. There's nothing quite like the comfort a refreshing drink brings on a hot, sunny day, dontchathink? Have you tried Bayani Brew? Have any favorites, or do you simply just love them all? Let me know in the comments, and see you on my next pig out session!

Bayani Brew


Your pig out buddy,

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