Saturday, May 12, 2018

How I Lost Weight During My Singapore Vacation

No, it's not this ice cream sandwich! Haha, my apologies for the click bait photo. I went to Singapore for Holy Week break, and also to check out the Friend's inspired Central Perk Cafe but dundundun~ totally forgot to do just that, and only remembered when I got back home!!! How frustrating is that? Oh well, I can always go back another time, but I digress, if I still have your attention, click after the jump to find out how I kept my weight at bay.

To make sure my 20k steps daily weren't wasted, I ate the right fuel to provide nutrition for my body. It was tempting to eat fast food 3x a day, but I feared for the consequences and I just don't roll like that anymore. So what was my secret? Nothing fancy, I just made sure to eat protein, veggies, and good grains each and every meal. I also made sure that I was eating just the right portions.

I was also happy that my travel mates were considerate enough to adjust and let me decide where to eat and when to eat. Made my life so much easier.

Some of the things I didn't eat. Mostly anything deep fried, anything greasy, anything way too processed. I focused on whole foods, and I'm glad I did. Would you believe I lost 1lb when I got back home? Hahaha, yes that's totally possible.

It's the first time for me to travel with "excess baggage" going back, and I love it. I'm sorry  that this is such a micro blog, but it's not like I'm the most responsible blogger there is! I will try to do better. See you on my next pig out session :)

Your pig out buddy,

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